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Caddy Advanced Wood Furnace

Part #SPF01020

MFG #PF01020



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Product Overview

Known for its exceptional performance, the Caddy Advanced is a furnace that’s innovative design (patent pending) is surpassed only by its simplicity of use.

The self-regulated combustion of the Caddy Advanced promises constant heat, while requiring minimal effort on your part; just fill the furnace, adjust the temperature and enjoy the heat for hours! The system automatically adjusts the air supply so that combustion is optimized and synchronized with the thermostatic demand.

  • At start-up, the furnace injects additional combustion air for easy and quick ignition.
  • As the furnace goes into heating mode, it automatically adjusts the combustion air supply and the operation of the convection blower. When your home’s desired temperature is reached (thermostat setting), the furnace goes into energy saving mode, automatically reducing the combustion air and speed of the convection blower.
  • At the end of the combustion cycle, if the furnace needs to go back to heating mode (thermostat setting), additional combustion air is injected again to activate the combustion of the embers thus providing a hotter burn on the end of the combustion cycle.

Use the Caddy Advanced with confidence thanks to its intuitive operation and illustrated quick user guide. Equipped with a glass door allowing you to easily monitor the state of combustion, the furnace optimizes its combustion cycle: you will spend much less time taking care of it vs a conventional furnace (loading wood, adjusting the air, etc.). This optimization also ensures you substantial savings in firewood as well as increased comfort thanks to the production of constant heat throughout the combustion cycle.

Among the most efficient furnaces in terms of energy distribution, the Caddy Advanced has one of the lowest minimum burn rates in the industry. This means a load of wood burns longer, and therefore reduces the frequency of wood loading. Emissions on this unit are amongst the cleanest of the few EPA 2020 certified furnaces, and yet the Caddy Advanced is among the most energy efficient on the market. In addition, the new ECM motor blower option consumes 40% less electricity (and much quieter) than a standard PSC motor blower.

The Caddy Advanced is equipped with pre-wired electrical components that allow for quick and hassle-free installation. For more flexibility, you can install the filter supports on either sides and on top of the blower box to adapt the layout of the ventilation ducts to your space. In addition, the add-on configuration allows you to install the Caddy Advanced with your existing electric, oil or gas central heating system to take advantage of an alternative energy source.

The Caddy Advanced includes a tool set and wall support, an ash lip, a thermostat, a moisture reader, a barometric damper and a fresh air intake adapter.

Alternate source of heat

Always have an alternate source of heat to ensure the comfort and safety of your family. The Caddy Advanced comes in two different configurations: wood-only and wood add-on furnace.

When installed as an add-on furnace, only a SERIES configuration is allowed only in Canada and the blower is not required.  |  Only PARALLEL configuration is allowed in the USA.

Product Documents and Videos

Brand : Osburn

BTU Output : 46000

Burn Time : 10h

Certification : EPA Certified

Depth : 22-1/2"

Firebox Capacity : 3+ cu. ft

Fireplace Style : Contemporary

Flue Location : Rear

Fuel Type : Wood Logs

Glass Type : Ceramic

Heating Capacity : 2300 sq. ft.

Height : 16.5"

Ignition Type : Match Lit

Installation Style : Free-Standing

Material : Cast Iron, Steel

Product Type : Furnace

Style : Contemporary

Unit Efficiency : 76.55%

Venting Size : 6"

Venting Type : Stovepipe

Warranty : Limited Lifetime

Width : 18-1/4"

Wood Burning Technology : Non-Catalytic

Fireplace Type : Wood Burning

Location : Indoor

Sides : Single Sided

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