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Parkland Plastics

Parkland is the world’s oldest recycled polymer-based architectural panel manufacturer. We are a leading manufacturer of supporting architectural, commercial, agricultural, transportation and recreational vehicle materials. Parkland designs and manufactures cutting-edge laminated panel systems, high-performance panels and adhesives and decorative composite architectural panels.

As the original inventor and the oldest recycled resin panel manufacturer in North America, Parkland is here to serve primary markets with unmatched expertise and capabilities. Those capabilities include custom panel production, ultra high-performance coatings and specialty panel designs to accommodate practically any budget, performance and aesthetic requirement. Parkland provides local support services to our customers in all 50 states to successfully place reclaimed polymer-based materials in a variety of critical architectural interior environments, recreational vehicle and commercial transportation industries.

Beginning in 1990, Parkland has developed a long tradition of product leadership and innovation. We continue to expand our product offerings and services each day to meet ever-changing customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities includes interior wall and ceiling panels for nearly any appearance or performance requirement. Whatever your interior architectural or transportation interior need, Parkland can assist you in meeting your goals with recycled materials and advanced technologies that save time and costs.